VEC Opens New Branch Offices in Lagos

We are pleased to announce today that we will open new branch offices in Lagos. The recent development was greeted with excitement from staff and beneficiaries of the initiative who expressed satisfaction with its ongoing transformation into a truly simpler and smarter empowerment process.

Speaking concerning the launch of the new branches and VEC ongoing empowerment programme, the Transformation Director, Joe Mbulu had this to say:

“The launch of these 14 upgraded branches across the country is a statement to our customers and stakeholders that we are committed to the transformation plan we put in place. We will continue to provide innovative solutions which ensure our customers are satisfied every time they interact with us” he concluded.


“If you look at it, petty traders are very many in Nigeria; they are everywhere; you see them in villages, towns and cities. We have to encourage them and do everything to encourage them to continue.

“We want to empower the masses especially women; we have to empower them with loans to continue with their trades.