Women empowerment means to empower women with the full social rights

Women empowerment is giving women their full rights in the society. They have all rights from birth, however, have been restricted by the people for many years. There is no doubt that women have equally participated in the growth and development of the country. It is also a fact that if women are not given their rights, a country cannot be developed completely.

It has been around seven decades of Independence however; there is still a male-dominated societ. It is a country where women leaders are available in all the work fields such as scientist, space, railway, metro, research, school, doctor, engineer, etc, however; still people think that women is a weaker section of the society.

Women empowerment means to empower women with the full social rights, economical stability, political rights, judicial strength and other rights. Women should get proper rights in the society like a man without any gender discrimination between men and women. Women should know as well as get the proper fundamental rights once they born. A woman can be considered with women empowerment when:

She gets respect and dignity.
She lives her life independently according to her own lifestyle whether at home or outside.
She feels free to take her own decision according to her choice.
She gets equal rights in the society like a man.
She does not feel gender discrimination in any field.
She feels safe and secure whether at home or outside at work place, street, etc.