The Role Of A Woman In Society

The role of a woman in society places her in a unique position to be a peace builder, who makes sacrifices to provide stability for herself, her family and her community. This is why Women for Women International provides a platform where women attend a 12-month long training program help empower themselves, with emphasis on health and wellbeing, economic and social development, decision making and building support networks.

After graduation, the women are equipped with an understanding of their legal rights, maintaining and sustaining a healthy home and environment, improving their social and economic impact in their communities and developing their skills to advocate for changes in their communities. The four crucial outcomes of this program provide the basis for home and community building, encourages positive societal relationships and accelerates the transition of a conflict affected society into a peaceful one.

We can pool human and material resources together to achieve peace by influencing attitude and behavior through knowledge and information dissemination, personal development and increasing earning capacity to uproot the roots of poverty. However, often times women are relegated to procreative accomplishments and farm work. Issues of gender pay gaps as well as issues of gender based violence have led to a significant barrier for Nigeria to move forward as a nation. Gender gaps in the labor market account for a reported 32% loss in GDP. In addition, in 2016, Plateau state had 446 documented cases of violence against women and girls.