The important role women play in reviving economies

Many African families rely on women to care for them and to provide basic necessities for survival. As African women receive education and are recognized with a higher legal status, they provide their households with superior nutrition, stronger food security and increased access to health care. Despite the crucial investments women make in their families and the contributions they make to their communities, Sub-Saharan women constitute only 15% of the region’s landholders, and they face disproportionate challenges ranging from sexual exploitation to illiteracy and disease. Regrettably, women suffer silently in the background.

But Victory Empowerment Centre knows the important role women play in reviving economies, and it knows women can be leaders. Victory Centre is collaborating with its partners and with African communities to provide leadership opportunities that encourage women to participate in stakeholder committees through highly ranking leadership coaching, literacy training, business training, loan, organizational mobilization and market access, enabling women entrepreneurs to sell their goods in the global community.