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Empowering Women On Self Reliance

Victory Empowerment provides small, repayable business loans and services for women and supports other poverty-reduction strategies in places where VEC can make a difference. VEC’s commitment is to education, to mutual communication, and to furthering Nigeria’s effort to alleviate poverty. At VE...
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PHOTOS: VEC Governing Council Meeting

Victory Empowerment Centre on the 4th of October held its Council meeting, which took place at the head office in Lagos. The members of the Governing Council meeting in full once a year. Each year the Executive Director compiles the Governing Council agenda, which serves as an annual report for the ...
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Business Development and Capacity Building

It has been noted that low level of skills, knowledge and education has contributed significantly to poor business management, low productivity, poor quality of products and inability to compete in the local and global markets. A low level of skills, knowledge, education and lack of resources limit ...
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