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Welcome to 2024! To God be the glory.

2023 was a solid year for us. We did great things and it clocked 10 years of the economic and social impact of Victory Empowerment Center(VEC) in Nigeria. We thought it’s important to share a snapshot of our year in numbers. Please see below. If this is your first time of hearing about VEC, my name is Uzoma Nwazuoke. I am the founder and CEO of VEC. VEC is a Microfinance institution providing financial service to poor(low income earners, traders) with a focus on the provision of credit. We have experienced 10 years of excellence and impact and we are looking forward to doing more.

We would like to thank our partners and investors, @groomingcenter, @Oikocredit, @micorate, @oradian, @dukka, @creditregistry for their dedication and unwavering support. We are currently raising NGN3B in debt capital. Please email uzoma@victorycentre.org if you want to participate.


Established 2013

Victory Empowerment Centre
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Victory Empowerment Centre (VEC) is a micro-finance Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with a prime objective of improving the living of the poor women through innovative and flexible micro-finance services.

VEC provides small, repayable business loans and services for women and supports other poverty-reduction strategies in places where VEC can make a difference. Victory Empowerment Centre’s commitment is to education, to mutual communication, and to furthering the Nigeria’s effort to alleviate poverty.

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My name is Abiodun Oketunji, I am the leader of Owolowo Group , I sell building materials. Since I joined Victory to collect money, everything has started going well and smooth with me and my business. I use this medium to thank Victory Empowerment Centre for helping us and supporting us and we pray that God will help them, Victory will never go down and will never get burnt.
Victory! Overcome poverty!

Abiodun Oketunji

I am Obajimi Kehinde Folashade. I am the group leader of De Joy Group in Lagos branch. I have been collecting money from VEC since 2 years now. Victory Empowerment Centre has helped me to grow my business. When I started as a leader I had challenges but with motivations from the branch manager, things turned out fine. Right now my business is doing very fine and my group has grown big. We appreciate them and we want VEC to grow big so as to give us more money for our business. All the members of my group are doing well in their business too. Thank you Victory!

Obajimi Kehinde Folashade

I am Mrs Aina Mama , the Group leader of Diamond group in Akowonjo branch, we are 15 members. We thank Victory Empowerment Centre for being our business partners, our business is going well with all my group members that is why we are paying back very well so as to collect more money to grow our business bigger.

Mrs Aina Mama

I am Abosede Adewale, a member of pemisayo group at Ikotun branch. I have been collecting money from VEC to do my business since 4 years now. Victory Empowerment Cenre has been my partner in business for 4 years. They have been like a family to me. Is only when you collect money from other microfinance that you can know what I am talking about..? Since I joined them my business has continued to grow as you can see. I have a lot of people selling for me and patronizing me now. I don’t struggle to pay my money, because their money is good and I sell my market well.

Abosede Adewale

I am Abiodun Aketunji, Leader of Temitope Group, Akowonjo Road. I have been collecting money for my business from Victory since 2 years. My business was moving slowly. I now started collecting money from Victory Empowerment Centre. Since then my business has picked up and is moving fine. I don’t struggle to pay because I sell my building materials well. We want Victory Centre to give us bigger money next stage so that we can buy more products and grow our business more. The economy is too bad and cost of things are increasing every day. I prefer them to other micro-finance because of their professionalism and understanding. The staff is very friendly and have listening ears.

Abiodun Aketunji

I prefer Victory Empowerment to other micro-finance due to their professionalism and understanding. They are friendly and have listening ears. My business has grown so well since I started collecting money from Victory Empowerment Centre.

Onaolapo F.

Victory Empowerment Centre is a good business companion. Since I started with them over two years now, I have no cause to regret and we pray for God to keep them for us.

Jumoke Ogurinde

I have been collecting money from Victory Centre since 2015. We thank God for our business with VEC, they have been helping us and our business is growing.

Yemi Onoya

Victory Empowerment Centre has helped me push my business well well, we observe that the Money we collect always come back and we are able to pay back. Thank you Victory!

Oluwatosin Adesina

Victory Centre came to our rescue when our business was suffering due to lack of money, so we appreciate them, because when we see our business now we are happy that is why I am smiling and I am also happy and we ask them to give us more money.

Jumoke Kolawole

I have been collecting money from Victory Centre for a year now. I thank God for the money they have been giving me . It has helped my business to grow well. The money is good each time I buy market, I sell very well and by so doing I don’t owe and business is going well.

Yah Lateef Union